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Situated in the heart of India in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho lies in the forested plains of the region of Bundelkhand and world renowned for its temple architecture and exquisite sculptures. Built under later Chandela kings between 950 and 1050 AD in a truly inspired burst of creativity, the temples are superb examples of indo-aryan architecture. The engravings on these temples are highly sensual and erotic that depicts in graceful forms intimate scenes of the whole range of human emotions and relationships. These sculptures congeal in stone a lyrical paean to love and passion and reflect the Chandela dynasty’s immense appreciation for art.

The architectural style of the Khajuraho temples is very different from the temple prototype of that period. Each stands, instead of within the customary enclosure, on a high masonry platform. Combined with the upward direction of the structure, which is further accentuated by vertical projections, the total effect is one of grace and lightness, reminiscent of the Himalayan peaks. Each of the chief compartments has its own roof, grouped in such a way that the highest is in the centre, the lowest over the portico, a triumph of skill and imagination in recreating the rising peaks of a range. The temples of Khajuraho are divided into three geographical groups: Western, Eastern and Southern.

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Specially designed Itenarary for Khajuraho Day Tour:

10:00 hours: After breakfast, proceed for sightseeing to western group of temples
13:00: Break for lunch
15:00: Continue sightseeing to Eastern and Southern group of temples
18:30: Sound & Light Show (English)
19:30 hours: Sound & Light show (Hindi)

Alternate evening entertainment:

19:00-20:00: Kandariya Dance Show

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Western group of Temples

This is certainly the best known, because it is to this group that the largest and most typical Khajuraho temple belongs: The KandariyaMahadev. Perfectly symmetrical, it soars 31 km high. Though the four temples that stand at the corners of the main shrine are now in ruins, the main shrine has an exquisitely carved entrance arch with a multitude of themes. Celestial beings, lovers serenading musicians... movements captured in stone, frozen in time, yet retaining a quality of warm, pulsating life. The very stone seems to have taken on the living, breathing quality of the carved figures. Beyond[...]

Eastern group of Temples

Hindu and Jain temples make up the Eastern Group, which lies close to the Khajuraho village. The largest Jain temple, Parswanath, is in this group. Exquisite in detail, the sculptures on the northern outer wall make this temple perhaps the finest in the group. The themes of these carvings are the timeless ones of every day, mortal activity. A woman sits bent pensively on a letter; a lovely young girl removes a thorn from her foot, the master craftsmen of Khajuraho display here their deep understanding of the trifles that make up a human life. Within, the sanctum has a throne, which faces a b[...]

Southern Group of Temples

5 km from the Khajuraho village, lies the Southern Group of temples. The fine Chaturbhuj Temple in this group has a massive intricately carved image of Vishnu in the sanctum. Duladeo Temple, another of the southern group, is a little away from the road to the Jain group of temples. Though remains of temples belonging to the Khajuraho group have been discovered at Jatkari, 3 km away and even at Maribag in Rewa, it is at the 3 main groups that the imperishable glory of Khajuraho, the sensuous celebration of life, the aspiration towards the infinite, remains.

Sound & Light show

This fascinating Son-et-Lumiere spectacle evokes the life and times of the great Chandela Kings and traces the story of the unique temples from the 10th Century to the present day.Mounted in the complex of the Western Group of temples, the 50-minute show runs in Hindi and in English every evening. Amitabh Bachchan, the Indian super star, narrates the story of Khajuraho in his mesmerising voice. Timings of Sound & Light Show at Western group of temples: English: 06:30 pm to 07:25 pm. Hindi: 07:40 pm to 08:35 pm. Entry fees: Foreign Adult: Rs. 350/- Foreign child: Rs. 200/- Indian Adult[...]

Kandariya Dance Show

The performance, given by maestros and young talents of Indian classical dance, is a lyrical tribute to the Gods and Goddesses enshrined in the temples as well as a celebration of the richness of Indian classical dance forms. As you experience the performances set against the backdrop of the Chitragupta Temple dedicated to Surya (the Sun God) and the Vishwanatha Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, illuminated by the golden glow of the lamps, you will find yourself captivated in this moment of surrealism where the dancing images immortalised in the temple stone seem to come to life and dance in har[...]